METU-gene/Human Practice


We are planning to prepare layers of wound- band. Band-aid consists of four layers.
-At the top,there will be a polyuretan layer and this layer protects our bacteria and other layers of wound-band. The other property of this layer is being permable to gas from outside to inside,or vice versa.
-In second layer, there will be LB Agar and lyophilized bacteria. The importance of this layer is to adjust concetration of gel as much as required. We are planning to adjust the size of its pore to transform just small proteins.
-At the third layer, there will be a polyurethane, which is thinner than at the top. The pore size of this layer is adjusted to make easier the transformation of requiered proteins, but not bacteria. Moreover this layer will contain gelatin.

It is time to express the properties of this gelatine. Firstly, this gelatine is very similar to collagen. But actually, it has more advantage than collogen. Firstly, gelatine is obtained much easier. Also, it is more economic. Moreover, while the over amount of collagen gives disadvantage for organism, the over amount of gelatine is not so important. Furthermore, gelatine has a high capacity to absorb substance. This property is important in EGF and KGF absorption. Another property is since this layer contact with wound, gelatine has biodegradable character. In other words, when it contacts with skin, it will be degraded. Moreover, may be the most important property of this layer is having a function as protein inhibitor

If we add directly EGF and KGF onto the open-wounded skin, since skin has proteases , these proteins could be digested. As a result, we couldn’t provide any help to healing process. Thanks to gelatine layer, EGF and KGF are protected. In addition, we are planning to add microcapsules which contain granulysin. With the help of granulysin, the wound region will be sterilized.

Basically, the main purpose of our project is to construct a mechanism in order to protect and to provide fast healing for wounds by using wound-band. This aim is started with EGF and KGF, but will be continued with the addition of other important proteins.

Wound Dressing Layer Design

Rapid and proper healing is important in the treatment of wounds such as severe burns, trauma, diabetic,decubitus and venous stasis ulcers, and similar tissue damages. In cases of severe and large amounts of skin loss, or in the presence of difficult and non-healing wounds, immediate coverage of the wound surface with a dressing is needed. The dressing achieves the functions of the natural skin by protecting the area from the loss of fluid and proteins, preventing infection through bacterial invasion, and subsequent tissue damage. In some cases, it improves healing by providing a support for the proliferating cells.