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University of Aberdeen iGEM 2009

Team Members

Liam Barry

Subject: Mathematics and Physics

Spent the summer contemplating various cutting edge questions like...
"Who decided proteins are spirals?"
"How do you split an atom?"
"What is a nM?"
"Why is the 'i' in iGEM lower case?"
Also indulged in some programming and created numerous segmentation errors in ways previously thought impossible...

Stuart Campbell

Subject: Mathematics and Physics

Hi, just finished my 3rd year in Maths and Physics. Spent most of the summer laughing at Liam's stupid questions and working on the wiki.


Calum de Burgh

Subject: Genetics (Immunology)

Although now deprived of a thinking beard, all is not lost as third year is done and 2009/10 brings an industrial placement in Melbourne, Australia. Originally started a Marine Biology degree, but changed when I realised I didn't want to smell like fish. If you have any questions/complaints about our ethics piece, I shall be at Boston, trying to grow the beard that made all ancient philosopher's arguments seem unassailable at the time.

Md. Risat ul Haque

Subject: Microbiology

I am going to begin my final year of undergraduate studies this session. Before that I have been lucky enough to spend my whole summer playing with the overwhelming and tantalizing world of 'Synthetic Biology' with an aim to construct our very efficient and dynamic 'Pico Plumber'!!!

Interested in :Cancer,Genetics, Synthetic Biology and Astronomy.


Zuzana Hruskova

Subject: Molecular Biology

After deciding that I didn’t want to finish my studies of Veterinary Medicine in Slovakia I decided to come to Aberdeen. I successfully finished 3rd year and spent crazy summer with other iGEM members thinking about cloning strategies. However after iGEM I am looking forward to starting an industrial placement. Who knows what will be my next crazy decision in the future?!!

Jennifer Kleine-Albers

Subject: Biomedical Science(Pharmacology)

I have just finished my 3rd year in Biomedical Sciences (Pharmacology). This degree is not closely related to synthetic biology, but what made me taking part in iGEM is the interdisciplinary work, which I believe to be very important in future research.


Daniel Leirer

Subject: Genetics (Immunology)

Having finished the 3rd year of my undergraduate degree I am spending the summer admiring Pico Plumbers many colourful charms, before starting an industrial placement with the Medical Research Council in London. Interested in Synthetic and Medical biology.


Rory MacDonald

Subject: Chemical Engineering

This mad geeky juggling nerdy raver is going into his fourth year of an undergraduate masters degree in chemical engineering. With his passion-fruit for science and battle-quest for knowledge, he types out endless MATLAB scripts for the team whilst running on cereal and protein shake.

Katriona McMichael

Subject: Immunology

I began my university career at Aberdeen studying Psychology. After deciding that it was not the subject for me, I transferred to the wonderful school of medical sciences to do a degree in Immunology. I have just finished my third year, and am now about to run away to the lovely country of Switzerland for a year’s industrial placement at Novartis.

James Reid

Subject: Mathematics and Physics

James is compulsively interested in Everything and oftimes inescapably chatty. Watch out for me wearing a kilt at the Jamboree! :-P

Nicholas Smart

Subject: Physics

Just graduated this year in physics, starting work in August as a graduate optical engineer but spending summer lost somewhere in pico plumber's 29 dimensional parameter space

Annika Wipprecht

Subject: Mathematics and Physics

I've just finished my 3rd year of my undergraduate degree in Maths and Physics. For my summer break I decided to take part in iGEM. Spending most of my time in front of a computer, it was good fun working on the dynamical behaviour of our Pico Plumber.