Team:Aberdeen Scotland/Ourparts


University of Aberdeen iGEM 2009

BioBricks Submitted

BBa_K182001 - Intermediate Part consisting of LacI ( RBS+, Term +) and a Tet operator.
This is an intermediate part using the biobrick BBa_I732820 (RBS, LacI, Term) upstream and the Biobrick BBa_R0040 (TetR repressible promoter) downstream.
It comes with a ribosome binding site upstream of LacI and a Terminator downstream (BBa_B0015) There is no Promoter upstream of LacI, meaning that LacI will not be expressed in this piece.
The TetR repressible promoter BBa_R0040 is downstream of the Terminator.

BBa_K182005 - TetR regulated by CI operator (RBS+, Term-) with LVA tag
This is a part using the biobrick BBa_K182004 as the upstream part and BBa_S03518 as the downstream part.
BBa_K182004 is a cI regulated promoter. The promoter has two binding sites for the cI repressor and is repressed when it binds.It is identical to BBa_R0051 apart from a point mutation in the -35 promoter binding region(15th base is C instead of T).
BBa_S03518 is a TetR protein with a Ribosome Binding site upstream and an LVA tag attached to its end. TetR binds to TetR regulated promoters such as BBa_R0040. ATC (anhydrotetracycline) binds to TetR causing it to be released from the promoter and reintroducing transcription.
This part comes without a terminator.

BBa_K182100 - Intermediate Part consisting of Lambda cI with Reporter Gene and double Terminators
This is an intermediate part consisting of BBa_C0051 upstream and BBa_E0840 downstream inside pSB1AC3 plasmid.
Any promoter and RBS can be attached to express both the lambda cI repressor and GFP from this Biobrick.

BBa_K182101 - pLux-Lac Hybrid with GFP Reporter and Double Terminator
Hybrid Promoter with LacO site and pLux-Lac sites for Quorum Sensing reporting via GFP.
As it also responds to LacI, this part acts as an AND logic gate, relying upon the inputs of AHL and IPTG (or some other form of LacI repression) in order to produce the GFP output
Comprised of parts BBa_I751502 (as developed by Tokyo Tech) upstream and BBa_E0840 downstream inside pSB3T5 plasmid.

BBa_K182102 - pLux-Lac with RBS attached
pLux-Lac hybrid promoter (BBa_I751502) upstream with RBS (BBa_B0034) attached downstream inside pSB3T5 plasmid.

BBa_K182200 - Constitutively expressed LuxR/LuxI operon
It is a quorum sensing device, consisting of a constitutive promoter of medium strength (J-series promoters, J23107) driving the transcription of LuxI (BBa_K081008) and LuxR (BBa_I0462) genes from Vibrio fischeri.