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Genetic Circuits

Here, the full genetic circuit of The E.ncapsulator system can be seen. In order to benefit future teams wishing to reuse the features found in our project, a modular approach was taken at every level of the system design. In addition, integration modules have been designed and incorporated, providing a means to link the respective modules, without the use of a timer as one would expect.

This page will start by going through the genetic circuit design of the system, module by module.

Modular Genetic Circuits

Click on each genetic circuit to learn more about them individually.

Construction of Circuits

The genetic circuits were created in a logical step-by-step approach following the design of a unique cloning strategy. Smaller constructs were first created, and these built up to form the whole circuit. In order to allow for testing and part characterisation at various stages of the project, a number of intermediate testing constructs were also designed and built.

  About our step-by-step cloning strategy

BioBrick Submissions

This year, Imperial College London have added 29 new parts to the BioBrick registry. In addition we sought to characterise some of these parts, including the thermosensitive BBa_K098995 construct which has now been made functional by us. Detailed information about the characterisation of some of our parts can be found in the Major Results page.

About the characterisation of the BBa_K098995 construct.

Here are the parts Imperial College have submitted this year:

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