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II09 Temporal control.pngTemporal Control

Testing Construct

This testing construct was used to test the inducible promoters using flourescent proteins as output reporters.

Explanation of Timeline

Carbon Source Concentration:

  • Glucose

The primary carbon source is glucose, as this is preferentially used by the cell.

  • Secondary carbon source

This is used by the cell after glucose in the media is depleted.

By carefully balancing the initial concentrations of these carbon sources, The E.ncapsulator will begin Encapsulation (Module 2) only once protein production is at sufficiently high levels.

Cell Density:

Cell density corresponds to total cell number.


RFP is a red coloured flourescent protein that is commonly used as a reporter. The gene coding for this protein is part of the same operon as the protein of interest. As the protein of interest is produced in Module 1, RFP is coexpressed alongside. The RFP must be normalised against optical density (shown above), as the cell density is increasing throughout.

GFP / OD :

GFP is a green coloured flourescent protein that is also commonly used as a reporter. The coding gene is under control of the same promoter as the genes for Module 2. This means that GFP expression is tied into encapsulation. The GFP again must be normalised against optical density (shown above) to account for the increase in cell density.

Project Tour

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