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Project 1: Metabolic Engineering of PCB Synthesis in Yeast

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Brief Description

Phycocyanobilin (PCB) is a chromophore necessary for PhyB-PIF3 based synthetic devices. Our goal is to engineer a yeast strain capable of synthesizing PCB, so that no exogenous PCB would be needed for PhyB-PIF3 to function in yeast. We thus cloned the genes encoding enzymes in the PCB biosynthetic pathway for expression in yeast
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Project 2: Rapid & Reversible Protein Localization using PhyB-PIF3 System

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Brief Description

Our goal is to engineer a system that adopts the PhyB-PIF3 switch to control protein localization within the cell. In our design, either PhyB or PIF3 is constitutively anchored to one of the four target locations. The other will then be bound to our protein of interest and diffuse within the cell. Here, we use CFP and YFP to track the location of PhyB and PIF3, respectively. Reversable, light-dependent association of PhyB and PIF3 can then be monitored by fluorescence microscopy.
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