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Protocol for PCR with EasyPfu DNA Polymerase

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Preparation for Reaction Mixture

ReagentFinal concentrationVolume
10X Taq buffer1X2 µl
2.5 mM dNTP mix0.25 mM2 µl
Forward Primer0.2-0.4 µM1 µl
Reverse Primer0.2-0.4 µM1 µl
EasyPfu DNA Polymerase25 units1 µl
Template DNAAs required<0.5 µg
ddH2Oto final volume

Cycling Conditions

Initial Denaturation945
Primer AnnealingAs requiredAs required
Extending72As required(0.5kb/min)
Final Extending7210
Number of Cycles 32-35
Cooling Down410