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Recovering the BioBricks

  • Today we ressuspended the chosen BioBricks according to the standard protocol. Each undergraduated student was responsible to ressuspend a set of BioBricks. All of them were transfomed into electrocompetent E. coli cells (DH10B) according to Protocol 3. The cells were then plated in LB media containing the appropriate antibiotic.


Part:BBa_B0030 - RBS.1 (strong) -- modified from R. Weiss

Part:BBa_B0032 - RBS.3 (medium) -- derivative of BBa_0030


Part:BBa_J61100 - Ribosome Binding Site Family Member

Part:BBa_J61107 - Ribosome Binding Site Family Member


Part:BBa_B0010 - T1 from E. coli rrnB

Part:BBa_B0014 - double terminator


Part:BBa_B0015 - double terminator (B0010-B0012)

Part:BBa_R0040 - TetR repressible promoter

Part:BBa_J23100 - constitutive promoter family member

Part:BBa_J23107 - constitutive promoter family member


Part:BBa_J23109 - constitutive promoter family member

Part:BBa_J31007 - tetracycline resistance protein TetA(C)

Part:BBa_J31003 - kanamycin resistance forward

Part:BBa_E0040 - green fluorescent protein derived from jellyfish Aequeora victoria wild-type GFP (SwissProt: P42212)


Part:BBa_E1010: **highly** engineered mutant of red fluorescent protein from Discosoma striata

Part:pSB1A3 - High copy BioBrick assembly plasmid

Part:pSB1AK3 - High copy BioBrick assembly plasmid

Part:pSB3K3 - Low to medium copy BioBrick standard vector

Part:pSB6A1 - pBR322 converted to BioBrick vector (formally BBa_I739201)