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Digested F plasmid's electroelution

  • The digested F plasmid (digested with HindIII) was electroeluted, according to Protocol 12. A 110 V voltage was applied during 3h before its extraction from the membrane.

  • The next step is to verify if the electroelution went OK. The collected samples of purified plasmid will be applied to a 0,8% agarose gel.


finO and finP's biobricks confirmation

  • We repeated today the PCR's of the minipreps samples, once we now have received new Taq Polymerase enzymes.

  • We ran an agarose gel of the reaction products and, according to it, we amplified in a few samples a fragment with the expected size of finO! We couldn't verify this amplification for finP though.

  • Nevertheless, we also got several inespecific amplification in almost all samples. We considered that this was caused by the increased amount of genomic DNA we obtained after the miniprep procedure.

  • Therefore, we will perform another miniprep of the cultures by which we best amplified our expected fragment (highlighted).

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