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# Kazuto Ikeda (Team Osaka)
# Kazuto Ikeda (Team Osaka)
# Noritaka Hara (Team Osaka)
# Noritaka Hara (Team Osaka)
# Wilfred Poppinga ([[Team:Groningen| Team Groningen]])

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Event Details

The party will take place at Jillian's of Boston on Sunday, November 1 from 8pm to 12am. There will be dancing, billiards, bowling, lounge space, and cash bar (21+ with valid ID) on the 1st and 2nd floors of Jillian's.


We have arranged to have shuttle buses to bring people from MIT campus to the event location at Jillian's in the Fenway area of Boston. Detailed information will be provided in your registration packet handbook and on the Jamboree page.

Team Mascots

Phage mascot

Help us bring some iGEM fun to the party... bring your team mascots to the social event!

Event Planning

We want your help in planning the iGEM 2009 Jamboree Social Event!!!
We named the social event "iCEM dance party" (International Cultural Exchange Masquerade dance party), but the event plan is not determined. Then we decided to set up the committee and to plan the party all together. If you are interested in helping, please enter each discussions and add your name on "The Members of the Committee" section.



The Members of the Committee

  1. Meagan Lizarazo (iGEM HQ)
  2. Shohei Nakamura (Team Osaka)
  3. Kazuto Ikeda (Team Osaka)
  4. Noritaka Hara (Team Osaka)
  5. Wilfred Poppinga ( Team Groningen)