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Dear iGEM Judging Committee,

Last year our team (UCSF iGEM) submitted a biobrick request for variance where we use the Aar1-based assembly system. The Aar1 system is now accepted by the Biobricks Foundation as an official biobricks standard (BBF RFC 28).

We are not sure if this year we need to resubmit a request for variance or if this system will be accepted as a Biobricks standard. Please advise.

Thank you. Best regards, Raquel

Judges' Response

Dear Raquel, Congratulations on getting your Aar1-based assembly system accepted as an official biobricks standard. That is certainly sufficient, although you will want to reference that fact in your website, poster, and presentation so there is no confusion for the judges. Best regards, - Tom

Judges' Response 2


Please make sure that the UCSF team documents the Aar1-based method so that other people can study, use, or improve it.

Right now there is no such documentation, although it was promised last year. See:


So, while Tom was responding on the basis of the content of your email, BBF RFC #28 needs to actually exist for the UCSF team to make reference to it.

Perhaps BBF RFC #28 was written up but something got lost with the posting of the document, perhaps by me on the BBF side or otherwise?

It'll be really great to get the approach documented. Thanks for your help!


Team Response


Thank you so much for your email. I was not aware of this. We will make sure to document it. Should I send this information to you or who should I follow up with at the Biobricks Foundation?

It was great to meet your team at the Tilden Park BBQ. Hope all is going well with them

Best, Raquel

Judges' Response 3

Thanks Raquel!

Send the document to: rfc@biobricks.org

Instructions are online here via BBF RFC#0: http://openwetware.org/wiki/The_BioBricks_Foundation:RFC#BBF_RFC_0:_Instructions_to_BBF_RFC_Authors

Best, Drew