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iGEM 2009 is officially over!

  • Grand Prize, Winner of the BioBrick Trophy: Cambridge
  • 1st Runner Up: Heidelberg
  • 2nd Runner Up: Valencia
    Track Award Winners:
  • Best Food or Energy Project: UNIPV-Pavia
  • Best Environment Project: Cambridge
  • Best Health or Medicine Project: Stanford
  • Best Manufacturing Project: Imperial College London
  • Best New Application Area: Valencia
  • Best Foundation Advance: Alberta
  • Best Information Processing Project: TUDelft
  • Best Software Tool: Berkeley Software & Illinois Software (Tie)
    Special Prizes Winners:
  • Best BioBrick Part, Natural: ULB-Brussels
  • Best New BioBrick Part or Device, Engineered: EPF-Lausanne & Freiburg Bioware (Tie)
  • Best Human Practices Advance: Imperial College London & Paris (Tie)
  • Best Experimental Measurement: Valencia
  • Best Model: BCCS-Bristol
  • Best Wiki: Heidelberg
  • Best Poster: Freiburg bioware
  • Best Presentation: ArtScienceBangalore
  • Best New Standard: Heidelberg

See the Results page for details (Coming Soon)

iGEM 2009 Jamboree

October 31 to November 2, 2009

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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