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The main page of the yearly iGEM wiki is constantly changing. We make an effort to keep all pertinent information easy to access from the main page. Occassionally, though, you may find that a link that you saw before is no longer easy to find. Please use the links below to go back to the main page for each iGEM season. We hope that this will be a valuable information resource for past, current, and future iGEM members.

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Preliminary Project Tracks

iGEM project tracks

Submit your preliminary project track by August 7!

The judging committee would like to get a sense of team track selection. Please send an email to HQ with "Preliminary Project Track" in the subject stating which track you think your project fits in to.

See details on the Track page.

Note that this is NOT the final track selection before the Jamboree.

August 4, 2009

iGEM Forum

iGEM forum screenshot

If you have a question about anything iGEM-related, from lab questions to fundraising, to team t-shirt styles, ask it on the iGEM forum! See details on the forum details page.

July 28, 2009

Project description

Project description text image

Preliminary project descriptions are due on August 1.

See the project description page for more details.

July 28, 2009

Summer Events

Team pyramid

Are you holding a regional team meetup? Getting together with other iGEM participants? Holding a fundraising event? Tell the iGEM community all about it on the summer events page.

July 15, 2009

iGEM Partner Offer: GENEART


GENEART is once again joining iGEM this year as a sponsoring partner. The company will be offering low-cost DNA synthesis to all iGEM teams this year. See the Partner Offers page for more details on how to take advantage of this great offer.

June 5, 2009

New Invitation Letter System

Visa letter system image

We have a new way for iGEM team members to get their visa invitation letters. Instead of emailing your information to iGEM HQ, you can enter your information on your 'My Account' page, submit it, and download your invitation letter.

See the Visa page for instructions and details.

May 26, 2009

Jamboree: Visas

Visa letter image Deadline: June 1
If you require an invitation letter from iGEM Headquarters in order to obtain a visa to travel to the Jamboree, you must request the letter by June 1. In iGEM 2008 there were several teams that were not able to attend the Jamboree due to visa problems. In order to avoid a similar problem this year, we are asking that all teams apply for visas by June 1 at the latest. See the Visa page for more details and information.
May 19, 2009

iGEM Spring Workshops: Europe

London underground. The date for the Europe workshop has now been finalized! It will take place on the weekend of June 20/21 at Imperial College in London. See the Europe workshop page for more details.
May 13, 2009

DNA Distribution ready to ship

The 2009 spring DNA distribution will ship by early next week. All iGEM teams that have provided a shipping address will receive the distribution.
iGEM 2009 techs with spring DNA distribution.
    Important details:
  • The distribution is shipped as (3) 384-well plates of dried DNA.
  • The distribution does not contain the complete set of parts in the Registry. Instead it is made up of a smaller subset of high quality parts and iGEM 2008 team favorite parts.
  • Kits will be shipped via USPS for US teams and via DHL for non-US teams. Tracking numbers will be available on request.
Q: What do we do with these plates?
Find out how to locate parts in the plates and what to do with them on the Registry 2009 DNA distribution page.
Many thanks to our iGEM 2009 technicians, Paul, Jess, and Vinoo, (pictured above) for their hard work in preparing this year's DNA distribution.
May 7, 2009

iGEM Spring Workshops: Asia

Tokyo metro map. The date for the Asia workshop has been finalized. It will take place on the weekend of June 27/28 at Tokyo University in Tokyo. See the Asia workshop page for more details.
May 7, 2009

iGEM Spring Workshops: MIT

iGEM spring workshop at MIT. The schedule for the spring workshop at MIT has been finalized. See the MIT workshop page for more details. If you haven't done so already, make sure to register for the event.
May 7, 2009

Online Tutorial from The Mathworks, an iGEM Partner

Mathworks webinar today.
The Mathworks, an iGEM sponsoring partner, is hosting a complimentary webinar on April 24. The webinar will introduce iGEM teams to SimBiology, a MATLAB based tool for modeling, simulating, and analyzing biochemical pathways. See the Partner Offers page for more details.
April 17, 2009

Experimental teams sign-up

Sign up for the experimental track. If you are interested in participating in the experimental track for iGEM 2009, send an email to iGEM HQ with the subject iGEM 2009 Experimental track. One of the requirements to participate in this track is that your team must be affiliated with a university or a formal educational institution. See the experimental track page for more details and requirements.
    In your email be sure to include:
  • University or educational institution you are affiliated with.
  • iGEM 2009 team you are affiliated with (if applicable).
  • The kind of project you will be working on.
  • Number of people on your team.
Deadline: Emails must be received by May 1.
April 15, 2009

iGEM Spring Workshops - updated

iGEM spring workshop details are being finalized.
We are working on finalizing the workshop dates and locations.
    Current plans are:
  • MIT Workshop: Finalized! May 16/17 on MIT campus, Cambridge, MA.
  • Europe Workshop: Most likely May 30/31 in London, UK at Imperial College.
  • Asia Workshop: Most likely June 27/28 in Tokyo, Japan at Tokyo University.
If you have any thoughts on any of these dates or locations please send email to iGEM HQ.
April 13, 2009

Late Registration

Last call for iGEM 2009 registration!
We currently have 106 teams registered to participate in iGEM. While registration ended on March 31, teams may still register for iGEM.
  • We have heard from more teams who are interested in participating in iGEM 2009.
  • iGEM HQ needs to finalize the venue for the Jamboree. We will be selecting the venue this week.
  • In order to finalize the venue we may have to limit the number of teams that are able to participate in the Jamboree. Teams who still wish to register will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • So, make sure to register for your team if you have not already done so!
April 6, 2009

Partner Offer: The Mathworks

The Mathworks partner offer The Mathworks, makers of MATLAB, have once again joined as an iGEM sponsoring partner. They will provide iGEM teams with MATLAB software licenses and a SimBiology Webinar. To see more details on how to take advantage of the Mathworks offer, see the partner offers page.
April 6, 2009

Registration has ended.

Regular team registration closed on Tuesday, March 31 at 11:59pm EST. Teams may still register for iGEM but the team registration fees is now $1750 USD.
April 1, 2009

Registration Deadline

Registration ends on Tuesday, March 31 at 11:59pm EST. After this deadline, team registration fees will be subject to a $500 late fee.
  • See the Team Registration Fee page for details.
  • Wire transfers and checks must be postmarked by the deadline so as not to be charged the late fee.
March 31, 2009

Registration for iGEM 2009 is now open

Head to the iGEM 2009 Registration page to apply for your team.
February 19, 2009

Changes in iGEM 2009

There are several important changes to iGEM 2009 that you should be aware of:
  • The iGEM 2009 Jamboree will be longer than in past years. See the Jamboree page for more details.
  • iGEM 2009 is introducing an experimental track for DIY Biologist and other non-competition teams. See the experimental track page for details.
February 19, 2009

Learn how to start an iGEM team

Interested in starting an iGEM team for 2009? Check out the Start A Team page for suggestions.
January 30, 2009

See what happened at iGEM 2008

Want to learn what happened at iGEM 2008? Head to to get some great ideas.
January 30, 2009

iGEM 2009 seasons

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