Minnesota/15 June 2009

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I submitted and analyzed three models today. First the base model with no alterations. Second, a modification of the model such that the kinetic constant of tetR2 binding to tetO1 and tetO2 (reactions 15, 17, 19, 25, 27, 29) was altered by an order of magnitude up or down. This was to observe whether the rate of binding of the tet operons had a major affect of the GFP production.

The two altered models produced did not show a significant difference from the base model. Here I present the three models as 3D plots (time on the x-axis, aTc concentration on the y-axis, and GFP concentration on the z-axis):

The model acts normally in that it goes out to a steady-state as expected, but it has curious wavey features along the time axis. The problem was finally resolved by observing the time points when the drops occured:

The time points are numbered by 10 minute increments, and the drops occur precisely on the hour. This is because the model is set up such that the entire population splits every hour with a standard deviation of 8 minutes.