Minnesota/26 June 2009

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This model (tnn_atcvaries7_leaky) was an attempt to see what would happen if the kinetic constant was decreased for the three reactions shown below, instead of increased like the previous day's.

Reaction Forward Kinetic Constant Reverse Kinetic Constant
RNAp + tetO1:tetR2 + lacP -> RNAp:lacP + tetR231000
RNAp + tetO1:aTc:tetR2 + lacP -> RNAp:lacP + tetR231000
RNAp + tetO1:aTc2:tetR2 + lacP -> RNAp:lacP + tetR231000


The result was fairly predictable. Instead of making the model less leaky like the previous days, it increased the leakiness shown by the model. This direction is making the model worse, and so it will not be pursued in the future.