Minnesota/3 June 2009

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Today work is continuing on the installation of the necessary programs. Also, we are reading the Biobrick papers and also papers that pertain to the AND gate and how the kinetic constants were found.

Here are the references to the papers: Arkin, A., J. Ross, et al. (1998). "Stochastic Kinetic Analysis of Developmental Pathway Bifurcation in Phage {lambda}-Infected Escherichia coli Cells." Genetics 149(4): 1633-1648. deHaseth, P. L., M. L. Zupancic, et al. (1998). "RNA Polymerase-Promoter Interactions: the Comings and Goings of RNA Polymerase." J. Bacteriol. 180(12): 3019-3025. Lederer, T., M. Takahashi, et al. (1995). "Thermodynamic Analysis of Tetracycline-Mediated Induction of Tet Repressor by a Quantitative Methylation Protection Assay." Analytical Biochemistry 232(2): 190-196. Revzin, A. and P. H. Von Hippel (2002). "Direct measurement of association constants for the binding of Escherichia coli lac repressor to non-operator DNA." Biochemistry 16(22): 4769-4776.