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Thanks to whom it belongs

For all the advice, help with getting finances, finding the right place for measurements and assistance, we would like to thank our supervisors:

  • Prof. Dr. Oscar Kuipers
  • Prof. Dr. Jan Kok
  • Prof. Dr. Bert Poolman
  • Prof. Dr. Roel Bovenberg
  • Dr. Dirk-Jan Slotboom

We also would like to thank all the people who were very important for our project, by doing measurements:

  • Dr. Marc Stuart to make a lot of EM pictures for us.
  • Martijn van de Lee and Elly Wijma (RIKILT, Wageningen University) for performing ICP-MS arsenic measurements and calculations.
  • Rudi Anakotta (Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, Groningen) for performing ICP-MS measurements.

And of course our sponsors, who made this project possible:

  • City of talent, Groningen
  • Centre of Synthetic biology, University Groningen
  • Groninger University Funds, University Groningen
  • DHV
  • DSM
  • Water Laboratorium Noord
  • Wetsus
  • Stichting Business Generator Groningen