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Buoyancy related literature:

Our metal related literature by subject:

Cu Zn As Cd Sb Hg
Importers GlpF Meng2004, Rosen2009 Meng2004
HmtA Lewinson2009 Lewinson2009
Exporters ArsB Tisa1989, Carlin1995,

Dey1995 Rosen1996, Meng2004, Summers2009

Tisa1989, Carlin1995, Rosen1996, Meng2004, Summers2009
Accumulators ArsR Carlin1995, Rosen1996, Chen1997, Kostal2004, Rensing2005, Summers2009 Carlin1995, Rosen1996, Summers2009
ArsD Chen1997, Lin2007-1/2, Summers2009 Chen1997, Lin2007-1/2, Summers2009
SmtA Shi1992 Shi1992, Turner1995, Robinson2001, Blindauer2002 Shi1992 Shi1992
MT Morris1999,Ngu2006,Singh2008, Merrifield2004 Deng2007 Chen1998
Unclassified Brady1994, Gold2008 Chang1998, Blindauer2001 , Kao2008 Brady1994, Chang1998, Deng2008
Promoters Mills1994 , Khunajakr1999 , Liu2004, Moore2005, Ettema2006 , Liu2006, Liu2008, Catini2008 , Nawapan2009 Thelwell1998, Liu2004, Moore2005, Hirose2006 , Kloosterman2008 Summers2009 Liu2004, Moore2005
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