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Indian Institute of Technology,Madras

IIT Madras

We have submitted 2 parts to the Registry of Standard Biological Parts.

  • K272001

  • Constitutive Expression Cassette for RFP


    Emit 607
    Excite 584
    Protein mRFP1
    Tag None

    Click here to access K272001 in Registry.

    [[Image:rfpcells.jpg]] Fig 1: A crude image of cells with various filters. a) Cells in bright field b) Cells under a Cyan fluorescence filter (does not show any fluorescence) c) Cells under a Red fluorescence filter

  • K272002

  • Constitutive Expression Cassette for CFP


    Emit 476
    Excite 439
    Protein ECFP
    Tag None

    Click here to access K272002 in Registry.


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