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Team Newcastle 2009


  • Mathew Robinson Team Newcastle Union Jack.png
    • Currently in his third and final year at Newcastle University studying for a degree in Biomedical Sciences (BSc).
    • Main roles in iGem team - Metal sensors and Lab work (will also be helping to construct computational models)
    • Amateur lab photographer
    • Favourite quote: "I like bacillus in the morning", "Je n'ai pas d'animal", "James need feeding"
    • Sub-Project - Metal Sensing and Promoter Library
Team Newcastle 2009 iGEM 21-08-09 IMG 0513.JPG

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  • Goksel Misirli Team Newcastle Turkey.png
    • He is a first year PhD student and doing his PhD in Synthetic Biology.
    • Main roles in iGEM team - Modelling, Stochastic Switch
    • Favourite quote: "I'm not sure, but I can try"
    • Sub-Project - Stochastic Switch
Goksel Misirli
  • Hang Zhao Team Newcastle China.png
    • An MSc Bioinformatics in Computing Science school at Newcastle University.
    • Main roles in iGEM team - Modelling, Lab work and LOGO, t-shirt design
    • Sub-Project - Metal Sensing and Chassis Team
Hang Zhao
  • Arunkumar Krishnakumar Team Newcastle France.png
    • A final year undergraduate student in Human Genetics at Newcastle University, interested in Developmental Genetics, and now in Synthetic Biology.
    • Sub-Project - Metal Sensing
    • Favourite quote: "In France, we say you "get two mangos with one stone" NOT kill two birds with one stone!"
Arunkumar Krishnakumar
  • Jessica Tarn Team Newcastle Union Jack.png
    • A fourth year undergraduate of an integrated Masters course in Biomedical Sciences at Newcastle University.
    • Favourite quote: "Let's take the LouP and go get a BouK"
    • Sub-Project - Stochastic Switch
Jessica Tarn
  • James Murray Team Newcastle Union Jack.png
    • A third year undergraduate at Newcastle University, currently studying Computing Science.
    • My main roles in the iGEM team are modelling and programming.
    • An active Wikipedian and a Guitarist.
    • Avid Trekkie.
    • Favourite quote: "Technically..."
    • Sub-Project - Sporulation Tuning and Chassis Team
James Murray
  • Jane Hong Team Newcastle Singapore.png
    • A recent graduate from Chemical Engineering at Newcastle University, soon to be embarking on a MSc. in Industrial Quality Technology in Newcastle University's CEAM school.
    • Favourite quote: "Shut up", "I want ham and cheese"
    • Sub-Project - Sporulation Tuning and Chassis Team
Jane Hong


  • Professor Anil Wipat Team Newcastle Union Jack.png
    • One of the Computing/Biology hybrids that run the iGEM team.
Team Newcastle 2009 iGEM NeilWipat.PNG
  • Dr. Jennifer Hallinan Team Newcastle Australia.png
    • The other Computing/Biology hybrid that run the iGEM team.
Team Newcastle 2009 iGEM 16 07 16 IMG 0067.JPG


Newcastle Dan Lab.jpg
  • Dr. Matthew Pocock Team Newcastle Union Jack.png
    • Senior Research Associate
Team Newcastle 2009 iGEM MattPocock.PNG
  • Dr. Mike Cooling Team Newcastle New Zealand.png
    • Kiwi
Team Newcastle 2009 iGEM MikeCooling.PNG

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