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Comments on the film “Naking naking”

Dying in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go

I knew that I would not hold on my tears and I knew I was sure to be this sad when watching the movie “the city of live and death”, just as the trip to the memorial in Nanjing a year ago. The Chinese name of the movie, “Nanjing! Nanjing!” sounds like drumbeats; maybe the name itself, with the story behind it, deserves the heart-reaching astonishment. But I am quite curious about its English name, though it seems impossible to draw a conclusion to the city, to the history, to those died and those still alive, I could not think of a better one to replace it. The live and death form the circle of human life, only a little murmurs of these words make me feel falling down into the mondain lives with philosophical veil.

Human is complicated, and sure there are a lot of scenes which I couldn`t figure out. I was puzzled when Tang Tianxiang gave the chance of leaving Nanjing away to the other assistance, given that he was once a snitch betraying accompanying refugees in search for the protection of Japanese army. Maybe the pregnant of his wife gave him the hope after the desperate of the death of his daughter and the loss of his sister. In my concept, traitors are always entirely adulatory and disgustful, but for him, I would say there is no simply good or bad guy in the world that he stood tall when refused to be covered on eyes in front of shooting.

We always have choices, sometimes they could either make us big or little and sometimes both sides of it are hard to decide. To be or not to be, is a question. When the women raised their hands, they knew exactly what was waiting for them, but, however, the thing is far more than that, much more than a choice. It is so noble that hardly can I or simply unnecessarily to use words to describe it. The roles that women play in history are pretty subtle, vulnerable and strong as well. It reminds me of the story during the War of Troy that each woman in the conquered city was allowed to bring one piece of their most precious things out. When the city gate opened, every woman was trooping their way because they could hardly bear the weight of their husbands. The same choice was put onto the desk in front of women again in the film, son or husband, or simply pointed a guy as your relatives, or even risk life to make a second try, choices are difficult and with no sense at that time, maybe it is a sign to let us realize what matters in our lives and what is the thing that really matters.

People are always asking questions about where we come from, where we should go and what we are searching for. Sometimes we are made to make choices. For a long period of time, I lost myself both in study and in family. I work hard to remain among the top ones in class although I don`t know what is the meaning of it. Maybe I am just addictive to the praise and reputation accompanying the high marks, and in this way, I was not desire to study. Things became worse when I began preparing my GRE exam, I simply found myself apart from the determination to win, and so I flinched and then regretted and accused myself about it. It seems that I cannot find a way out. The key is not as simple as just finding where my interests stands, which, though, is difficult for me either. Kaifu Lee said that we are able to build our own characteristics; maybe it is time to me to struggle out of the contradiction of high qualified illusion and easy satisfactions for live. As for my personal live, I don`t know whether the truth about the death of my grandma has left a great influence on me, neither can I figure out the effect of the experience of breaking up with someone and then being dumped by someone. I told myself that the bottom line is that I must at least pretend to be strong. Clearly I`ve made a choice to eschew, to gainsay the facts that make me sad and also the choice to close my heart and burying myself in study and lab work. I don`t know whether this is a wise decision but I have no alternatives. Every time when I watched “One tree hill”, I was wandering whether I would be the same with Brook Davis, that once she closed her hearts, it became difficult and almost impossible to let someone in. And she may still laugh and dance, but things are different when she retrospects.

Sometimes it is hard for us to find something back, as with someone that we care. Such as human nature, at first it is “nobody”, and then it turns to be “somebody”, and there is at least a small part in everyone`s inner mind a thought that he is actually “somebody”. The relationship between people is constructed upon some bottom lines such as face and dignity. So there is nothing wrong if you let the right person go away in protection of your proud, because it is just in the wrong occasion.

In the series of “Grey`s Anatomy”, there is a story that a bomb is in someone`s body and the doctors are supposed to pick it out. When Cristina Yang was leaving the surgery, she said to her lover: “You know that in all movies there is always a hero, who sacrifices himself to save others, and another guy, a man who would seek for the way of live at the first place, be that guy.” Maybe after seeing too many fairytales I have being used to the judgment that good people deserve happy ending and bad guys end up with bad ones. Only two people fortunately survived in the end, including the representative poltroon, Shunzi. Running away from the final battle with the enemy, quivering in front of the muskets, blandishing his hand to make Gao Yuanyuan come back to pick him up, I found it a little unacceptable when he finally survived after all the others died. However, perhaps this is what the real life is, nobody is born with the authority to judge live and death of the other one and the chance of life is equal to everyone despite his belief, quality or status. Also, it is unfair to judge his behavior in my position for I can hardly imagine the situation in which he suffered. Which one would you choose, noble death or indecent live? Actually I don`t know, maybe there is some sense in the last sentence the Japanese soldier said before his suicide that sometimes it is harder to live than to die.

It seems too affected to talk about love within the fire of war, but love is the everlasting topic of human life. The Japanese soldier`s insistence of marrying the military floozy, the mild melody of “Liangzhu” sang by the young girl, love is so brittle under the smoke of gunpowder. People became anesthetic apparently, for the shock and sorrow came along with the war are far more than what they could bear, only deep in heart could I hear the song about the desperate for love and freedom, just as the melody reverberating in the debris. In the movie ”The Twilight”, the girl who fell in love with a vampire said:” I`d never given much thought to how I would die; but dying in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go.” I`ve always been shy to express my personal opinions directly to people and English has just opened a door for me that it seems like I just talk to the English and then the English passes my thoughts by. It is just the same with this article, those who have the patience to finish reading it are exactly the ones that deserve my share of true emotion.

Life is too short, and to honor those who had passed by, we should live our own lives well.