Team:Brown/Notebook Meetings/6-3-09


Brown iGEM Meeting

June 2, 2009

WebEx Conference Call

  • Attendees: Steph, Will, Indu, Eli, Michael
  • 8:20: Steph will be researching S. Aureus expression vectors, and the natural levels of Staph in the nasal colony
  • 8:25: We are looking into nanoparticle repressor system for Safe Cell
  • 8:31: For Histamine – We are going to focus on making a bifunctional protein – EV131 and IGE antibody binding protein
    • The protein will be made by a Staph strain endogenous to the nasal colony
    • We are targeting specifically the symptoms of Hay fever
    • Secretion and uptake into the bloodstream needs to be researched.
  • 8:36: We should look at past iGEM projects to see if any other teams have done projects with similar aspects as our current 2
    • Have any teams worked with S. epidermidis, or any gram positive bacteria?
  • 8:42: Since S. aureus might be dangerous to work with in the lab, we can do proof of concept with another well-studied gram positive bacteria
  • 8:44: Indu will put up the Histamine step by step project design
  • 8:47: For Safe Cell, we need to research the additional novel kill switch for the 3rd way to kill a cell.
    • We also need to find a solid repressor system.
  • 8:55: S. epidermidis is endogenous to the nose!
    • Can we order colonies of S. epidermidis? Eli is looking at that.
  • 9:00: Will is researching everything about S. epidermidis
    • Eli is looking into secretion / uptake
    • Indu and Michael are looking into creating a bifunctional proteins
  • 9:02: Flora, can you start looking up nanoparticles in a repressor system?
    • Ahmad, we need you to look into a 3rd killing mechanism for the cell.
    • Everyone should start fleshing out potential project designs.
  • 9:04: Indu will be making a list of “materials” we need
    • Can we get Histamine plates? Or IGE Antibody plates? Where can we get these?
    • How can we test binding affinity? We will having our binding proteins on a stationary phase. Wash over with fluorescent protein. (?)
  • 9:11: As you can see there are a lot of things to be researched! There is a new sign up sheet on the Google group.
  • 9:14: Next meeting is Monday 6PM Pacific Time.