Team:Brown/Notebook Meetings/9-11-09


iGEM Meeting


SFH 218

  • 8:00 AM: Gary reminds us of our responsibility. We need to plan this semester!
    • These next few weeks are the most important
  • Adrian: Deadlines
  • Jamboree is in 7 weeks!
  • Wiki due date: 6 weeks. Adrian recommends we have it done in 5 weeks
  • Presentation practice should be started in 5 weeks
  • Data collection should be heavy these next few weeks
  • Gary:
    • Judging is done by a criteria. Criteria is available to us.
    • Regular meetings: Friday 8AM in SFH 218
  • Team 1 update
    • Did not have any expression on the western blots
    • Made new BL21 competent cells, however no transformations
    • Test competence of cells
    • End of next week goal: protein expression
  • Team 2 update
    • Made all of the constructs needed
    • Agr-GFP ligated
    • Trg-EnvZ
    • Signal Pep-GFP
    • Trouble is transforming into S. epi
    • Looking for new vectors – talking to same guy that sent us PLM6
    • Primers designed for adapting to new vector
    • Will’s computer program worked; designed for Tar
    • He is concerned about mutagenesis – time consuming
    • Submit for synthesis
    • Will will pick 5 candidates
  • Team 3 update
    • We have OmC-RFP and Taz in pNoTat
    • Ashley did stratagene, however her positive control plate did not work
    • We can test with aspartate
    • Will also test ribose binding protein
    • If double transformation does not work, sequential transformation
  • Everybody: come up with a week-by-week goal sheet.
  • The team is meeting next Tuesday at 8AM.