Team:TUDelft/Collaborations Groningen Ams


Collaboration with Groningen ’09 team and Amsterdam ´09

Through the summer we have been maintaining close relations and collaborations with the teams of Groningen and Amsterdam. We had two meetings (just one with Amsterdam), one on June 29th 2009 in the city of Groningen and the other on August 20th 2009 in the city of Delft. The agenda for both meetings was composed by presentation sessions from all the teams present, troubleshooting discussions, experiences exchange and of course lunch and fun activities in each city. We hope both teams gained useful inputs as we did from their suggestions and comments.


Visit to the 2009 Cambridge iGEM team

One of our team members als visited the Cambridge team. We exchanged information on what exactly the other team was working on, what results they had achieved and what kind of things went wrong in the lab. It was insightful to see how things were organised abroad.