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We are hosting a external forum as an experiment for iGEM 2009. This will be a place for participants to ask questions and get information. It is not a moderated forum nor is it hooked up to the iGEM/Registry single log-in system. If you would like to post on the forum you must create your own user ID and password.

Open sign-up for user accounts will be held from Wednesday, July 29 to Wednesday, August 5. After that time user accounts will not be automatically approved so you should expect a short approval period before your account is active. The reason for this policy is to reduce spam on the forum.

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  • The forum is not moderated but iGEM HQ will have a presence on it to help answer specific questions.
  • The forum is not connected to the iGEM/Registry single log-in system. To post on the forum you will have to create a new user ID and password. (See details above)