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Workshop videos: Videos from the iGEM 2009 spring workshop @ MIT are available below for streaming and download, and higher quality downloads will follow shortly. You can also visit our [ iGEM channel] @

Welcome to IGEM

A short welcome and introduction to iGEM by Randy Rettberg

Introduction to Synthetic Biology

Tom Knight gives an introduction to parts based synthetic biology

Changes for iGEM 2009

Randy Rettberg discusses the changes that have taken place for iGEM 2009, the requirements for the teams, and judging the competition


Barry Canton discusses the promoter category of parts in the registry


Barry Canton discusses devices in the registry


Barry Canton discusses the importance of measuring and documenting the parts on the registry

Software Tools Track

Randy Rettberg discusses the software track for iGEM participants, as well as how software tools are integrated into the registry

Drew Endy: Defining Synthetic Biology

"Make it easier to build things. Define the things you are building with by using standards. Hide biological complexity with abstraction."

Drew Endy: Believe in Synthetic Biology

"Why should you consider changing how you engineer biological systems from doing ad-hoc research to something that's a more scalable engineering framework?"

Drew Endy: What is a Standard Biological Part?

"What does it mean to have a Standard Biological Part - for example, a BioBrick-standard biological part? Well, why would something like that be important?"

Navigating the Registry

Reshma and Randy discuss navigating through

Project Ideas

Reshma Shetty gives suggestions on how teams may want to come up with project ideas

Standard Assembly

Reshma Shetty shows how parts on the registry are designed for standard assembly

Making and Adding Parts

Reshma and Meagan show how to make and add parts to the registry

Favorites and Shipping Parts

Meagan Lizarazo shows how to make your parts "Favorites" and ship them using the registry

2009 Distribution, QC, and Sequencing

Paul and Vinoo discuss an overview of the creation of the 2009 distribution and the quality control process. Randy discusses the sequencing tools on the registry.

Safety in iGEM

"What safety precautions should my team be taking while participating in iGEM? Why is this important?"