Summer events


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Is your team getting together with other teams nearby? Are you holding an event to promote your iGEM team? Let us know about it here.

In previous years, teams from various regions have gathered together for some fun activities.

iGEM 2009 Team Events

  • On the 23rd and 24 June 2009, the UK teams had a meetup in Edinburgh Scotland. It was hosted by Edinburgh University. Newcastle University have written a little about the trip on their wiki. Randy Rettberg was among the attendees.
  • After a successful second meeting of all three Dutch iGEM teams in Delft, a third meeting has been proposed to practice the presentations for Boston. The meeting will (hopefully) take place at Amsterdam, so all Dutch teams will have hosted a meeting this year.
  • Opportunity to all Dutch iGEM teams 2009 to present their idea during the 2nd Programme Day of the Kluyver Centre. The event will take place at the Wageningse Berg on the 24th of September, during which every team will have 10 minutes to present in front of the scientific community of the Kluyver Centre.
  • Delft and Groningen have planned their second meeting in Delft on Thursday 20th of August. We would like for team Amsterdam to join us and make it the Dutch igem team get together.
  • The Alberta Meet-ups
  • Alberta teams will be meeting in Banff, Sep 18-20.
  • Delft and Groningen held their first meeting in Groningen with succes on Monday 29th of June.
  • All Ontario teams gathered at the [ University of Waterloo] for the first ever [ oGEM gathering] on May 29th