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Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology

National Center of Biological Sciences (NCBS)

Center for Experimental Media Arts (CEMA)


Art and Politics

Claire Pentecost::Beyond Face[1]

Claire Pentecost::Outfitting the Laboratory of the Symbolic: Towards a Critical Inventory of BioArt[2]

Donna Haraway::Speculative Fabulations for Technoculture's Generations[3]

Oron Catts, Ionat Zurr::The ethics of experiential engagement with the manipulation of life


The Office of Experiments[4]

GeneAeshetics, The Art of Joe Davis[5]

Adam Zaretsky[6]

Patricia Piccinini[7]

Designer Bodies: Towards a Posthuman Condition[8]


The Scientific Method[9]

The Scientific Method and the Philosophy of Science[10]

What are bacteria?[11]

Planet of the Bacteria[12]

Introductory Video Lectures in Biology[

DNA from the beginning[13]


Playing God for Fun and Profit[14]

The Ethics of DNA databasing[15]

Design & Technology Urban BioGeography[16]

Designer Bacteria may have a future in Fashion[17]

Sunlight to Oil via Designer Bacteria[18] Research Studio[19]

Laughing in a sine curve- Abhishek Hazra[[20]

Some interesting bio-design stuff by Brandon Ballangee and the likes. [[21]]

Synthetic Biology

Student Book from IGEM [22]

Gel Electrophoresis [23]

Extracting DNA at home [24]

Harvard 2006: Explaining their process[[25]]

The Synthetic Biology Comic[[26]] The .pdf version is here:[27]

Introduction to Biological Engineering Design [28]

Introduction to Synthetic Biology[29]

Ibio Seminars [30]

Gel electrphoresis process[31]

Primer on Synthetic Biology[32]

DIY Synthetic Biology[33]

Drinking straw gel electrophoresis[34]

Open Gel Box [35]

BioBricks on Youtube [36]

Ginko BioWorks Guide to Synthetic Biology

DIY Biology Webcast

DIYBio Model Organisms

General Design Links

Sketching in the design process