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!align="center"|[[Team:ArtScienceBangalore/Team|The Team]]
!align="center"|[[Team:ArtScienceBangalore/Team|The Team]]

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(Or you can choose different headings. But you must have a team page, a project page, and a notebook page.)

You can write a background of your team here. Give us a background of your team, the members, etc. Or tell us more about something of your choosing.
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Tell us more about your project. Give us background. Use this is the abstract of your project. Be descriptive but concise (1-2 paragraphs)

Your team picture
Team Example 2

Who we are


  • Advisor 1: Mentor for all
  • Advisor 2: Our favorite
  • Grad Student 1: Our leader


  • Student 1: Sleepyhead
  • Student 2: Math nerd
  • Student 3: Michael, Is going to save the world
  • Student 4: Loves iGEM
  • Student 5: A normal student... or(r) am I?
  • Student 6: Table football fan
  • Student 7:

What we did

(Provide proper attribution for all work)

Where we're from