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Week One

This week's been crazy busy. I've been looking for bugs in Clotho, fixing up my Cartoonist plugin, and making the Clotho plugin tutorial. On Monday we had an introductory meeting and safety training so we can go into the lab. Doug helped us set up Clotho and handed out some tasks for the week. On Tuesday we discussed and chose our projects for the summer and started work on identifying bugs and cleaning up documentation. I'll be working primarily on a visualization piece with Joanna.

The rest of the week I've been hammering out a plugin tutorial for Clotho. On Wednesday I set up a plugins project in NetBeans and wrote up a preliminary draft of the tutorial. On Thursday and Friday I cleaned up the tutorial a bit and made a sample plugin XML file. I also tried out my tutorial to look for unclear instructions and potential problem points that I would need to point out in the tutorial. Lastly, sacrificing most of my weekend, I added helpful screenshots to the wiki page and cleaned up the tutorial some more. Unfortunately, the last section of the tutorial is still incomplete; I will have to finish it on Monday.

--Legor17 07:59, 8 June 2009 (UTC)

Week Two

Monday The tutorial is done! As for the rest of the week, I continued to look into BioJADE and ProMoT as starting points for Clotho's new visualization tool. The source code wasn't very useful or readable, so we decided to try using JavaFX. And that's where the rest of my week went- JavaFX looks great and runs fast, BUT YOU CAN'T CALL IT FROM JAVA. At least not directly, but the hacks I've found so far don't work with the latest version of the SDK, which came out just a couple weeks ago.

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