Team:Brown/Notebook Meetings/5-31-09


Brown iGEM 2009

WebEx Conference Call

May 31, 2009 8:00 PM

Attendees: Will, Eli, Indu, Michael

  • 8:00: Will introduces new idea to deal with localization problem using S. aureus. See google group for details.
  • 8:12: We are going to send the email out to the professors. Ask Adrian for the password for so we can also check up on which professors are coming to the conference on June 12.
  • 8:19: Indu could not get a hold of Harvard but will try again tomorrow. Indu will check issues with patents.
  • 8:37: For Safe Cell, we would like to come up with another unique killing mechanism (instead of ccdb) that we can call our own in the project. Possibilities: interrupt cell cycle / fission
  • 8:43: Eli mentions something in the media that facilitates transport of the repressor
  • 8:47: We should ask some other people about the repressor.
  • 8:49: For next meeting: we need Safe Cell repressor candidates, a 3rd novel killing mechanism, details from Steph about S. aureus.
  • 8:53: We should look into gram positive protein secretion. Look up natural levels of staph in the nose.
  • 9:00: Next Meeting: Wed June 3. 8 AM PST. If your trial is expired before then just make a new account with different info.