Who we are


Go to the Team Section in the Image Gallery for details on how we spent our summer preparing for the Jamboree.

iGEM Team:

We are a team of seven undergraduates, from every corner of Biology, Physics and Engineering.

Cambridge Miked.jpg Mike Davies: 1st year Engineer. Our resident Wiki genius (don't worry, he didn't write that), also..."IGEM BOY!!!!"
Cambridge Shuna.png Shuna Gould: 3rd year Biochemist. Self-styled "lab rat," she is paranoid about sterilization and actually understands what's going on (or does a good job faking).
Cambridge Siming.png Siming Ma: 2nd year Biochemist. Usually found reading a scientific paper, his approach to everything is either "they're bacteria, we have NO IDEA what they might do," or, "it'll be fiiiiiiineee."
Cambridge Viv.jpg Vivian Mullin: 2nd year Biochemist. Does stupid dances when bacteria change colour, produces awesome roadmaps--at the cost of every piece of paper in the lab and several sharpies.
Cambridge Megan.png Megan Stanley: 2nd year Physicist. "BUT I'M A PHYSICIST!" and "GUYS, WE NEED A PLAN!" A fan of decision-making, which is very useful when the rest of us are faffing.
Cambridge Alan.png Alan Walbridge: 2nd year Engineer. Champion of wacky ideas (galvanotaxis and bistable switch anyone?), and he also doesn't have swine flu.
Cambridge Crispian.png Crispian Wilson: 2nd year Geneticist. Mostly likely to bring us delicious desserts he made himself, also most likely to ask a question NOBODY can answer.


All of our iGEM advisors have been so helpful to us, teaching us in the lab, keeping us well sponsored and well supplied, and giving us feedback every step of the way as we've designed our project.

Cambridge Jimajioka.jpg Jim Ajioka: Can always be depended on to help us push our plans for the project to their limits and explore every option.
Jimhaseloff.jpg Jim Haseloff: Helps keep us focused on the big picture of the project and its design aspects, so we don't get too caught up in the nitty gritty details.
Cambridge Micklem.jpg Gos Micklem: Usually along with James, gleefully runs away with our ideas into a whole new dimension we hadn't even considered--which of course, we then consider.
Cambridge Jrb.jpg James Brown: Kindly and patiently puts up with us asking him about 100 questions a day, for which we are INCREDIBLY grateful.
Cambridge Ellis.png Tom Ellis: Always up for discussions about ideas and often accosted by team members for advice about project designs.
Cambridge Duncanrowe.jpg Duncan Rowe: The Father Christmas of microbiology--as in, his presents are along the lines of plasmid stocks and nifty equipment--he knew what plasmids we wanted for this project last Christmas. THAT is how organized he is.

Our Friends:

Some people joined us for a 2 week introduction to Synthetic Biology before starting the iGEM course, and continued to stop by and see how we were doing from time to time.

Cambridge Caitlin.png Caitlin Cockerton: Caitlin is from the London School of Economics, and interested in the ethical implications of Synthetic Biology. She is also following the Imperial 2009 iGEM team, who she likes, but not as much as us.
Cambridge Daisy.png Daisy Ginsberg: From the Royal College of Art, Daisy and James visited us during the summer to discuss how our cheap, easy-to-use contaminant detector could alter lives.
Cambridge James.png James King: James' work on synthetic meat was recently featured in Wired magazine.
Cambridge Tuur.png Tuur Van Balen: Also from the Royal College of Art, Tuur taught us the basics of Arduino, and demonstrated some very useful presentation techniques.
Cambridge Michaelbarton.jpg Michael Barton: Royal College of Art. Daisy, James Tuur and Michael all create art and provoke thought into the future uses and possibilities of synthetic biology.
Cambridge Falcon.png Falco Von Birdby, Team Mascot. The 14mm Falcon.

The Team, Advisors and Some Friends - July 2009

The Team, Advisors and Friends. From Left to Right: Tom Cane, Falco Von Birdby, Vivian Mullen, James Brown, Siming Ma, Crispian Wilson, Alan Walbridge, Tom Ellis, Katy Hope (with Duncan Rowe above), Megan Stanley, Shuna Gould (With Jim Ajioka above), Jim Hasseloff, Mike Davies, Gos Micklem, Emma Cull, Natasha Williams, Raluca Cenusa, Daisy Ginsberg.

Katy Hope, Emma Cull, Natasha Williams, Raluca Cenusa and Tom Cane are all studying at the University of Cambridge and joined us for the 2 week introductory course in Synthetic Biology before we started the iGEM project.

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