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|= Undergrads =
= Undergrads =
== Xing “Xingularity” Xiong ==
== Xing “Xingularity” Xiong ==

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Team Description

The Cornell iGEM team is a multidisciplinary team with 6 undergraduates with bioengineering, material science, biology and chemistry majors. Our rookie year has been an empowering year where the traditional listeners of knowledge have become creators.

Team Members


  • Carl Batt: Professor, Food Science
  • Maki Inada: Adjunct Professor, Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • Xiling Shen : Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering


Xing “Xingularity” Xiong

Born in the ghettos of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider), Xing Xiong had an aptitude for physics and hardcore rapping. He was spitting out rhymes by the age of two and three quarters, and upon reaching high school, was dubbed “Xingularity” by his peers. Xing brought his rhymes to Cornell, and during his interview for joining the Cornell GEM team, his rap performance was so phenomenal that he immediately took over as Team Leader, no questions asked.

Bernard “Big Ben” Cammarata

Originating from the small town of Southborough, Massachusetts, Ben always had big things on his mind. Like real big. Cornell big. After being accepted into Cornell in 2007 (he is currently a junior BEE major), Ben set his sights on curing all the world’s problems. How did he plan on doing this? Well, establishing a universal dictatorship solely under his control did not work out so well, so he decided to join the Cornell Genetically Engineered Machines team instead.

Alyssa “Adrenaline” Henning

Born in the town of Bakersfield, California, Alyssa rode her first roller coaster at the age of six months. Her second roller coaster ride is scheduled for when she gets off her first; she has been riding the same roller coaster continuously for her entire life. Somehow, she managed to ace high school, get accepted into Cornell, and join the iGEM team, all from the seat of her 3 by 3 coaster car. How does she go to the bathroom? It’s a very simple process: magic. Since she is unable to leave her coaster car, she will be sending a surrogate to the jamboree in her place.

Matthew “Ultraman” Hall

Matthew Hall, born on the rings of Saturn, is the most interesting man in the world. At the age of three, he ran his first ultramarathon (100 miles), earning the same “Ultraman.” At the age of five, he cured world hunger, only to uncure it when someone stole is nachos. At the age of 10, he counted to infinity, twice. At the age of 18, he was accepted into one of the most prestigious schools in world. Matthew Hall’s tears can cure cancer, but sadly, he has never cried.


Malinka doesn’t have a nickname because there was no one around to nickname him when he invented the universe.

Kevin “Amoeba” Cheng

Kevin reproduced asexually, creating his present day form and earning him the nickname “Amoeba.” Unfortunately, his identical copy was washed down a laboratory sink before it could fully develop, so there is only one Kevin “Amoeba” Kim. Look for the amoeba at the jamboree.