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Dr. Jingdong Tian


Sahil.jpg Sahil "Mr Baller" Prasada
A remarkable individual of considerable talent, ability, and girth, the esteemed Mr. Prasada is the latest addition to Duke's elite iGEM team. His innumerable achievments span many varied fields, earning numerous recognitions at innovation summits (for his humor), at tennis tourneys (for his egregious sportsmanship), and at local dances (for his exaggerated gyrations of the hip) among others. His research interests are likewise broad, and as one of the best and brightest young minds of our time, he is very excited to share his latest findings with you at iGEM this November.

Sahil aspires to be a cardiologist, just like his father, when he grows up. His favorite hobbies include tennis, kangaroo-watching, eating, and bhangra dancing. Sahil's academic interests include yeast mating, doxorubicin, and hydrogen fuels.

Kchien.jpg Kevin Chien
A reformed Carolina fan.