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The Idea

Through out time there have been people that have found problems, and there have been people that have solved problems. It maybe luck, it maybe manifest destiny, but the Gaston Day iGEM team has both. After a futile struggle with Ethidium bromide and lights not emitting the right wave length, the group decided to improvise and create their own UV light box.

The Items Used

a art light box
a UV light 8 in
a used old bulb
a soldering iron
a knife (as a screw driver and wire stripper)
some tape

The Creation

Light Boxes are a necessity to view ethidium bromide gels, but because we lacked the proper funds to buy one, we decided we would create one with the lab supplies we had.

we started by taking the end off a used light bulb and soldered it on as an extension to the 8 in bulb we had, so it would fit in our art light box.

we also removed the white opaque plastic screen and cut our own clear plexiglass screen so UV rays could permeate through it.

The Pictures

Our team! Our team! Our team! Our team!

The Results