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End date: 2009-06-01

Overall objective: The initial design should be made, the requirements refined. Some initial model prototypes should be made to gain experience in modelling.

Tasks per role:

  • Analyst
    • Objective: Project requirements, feasibility and detailed project vision should be finished.
    • Tasks:
  • Change Control Manager
    • Role not used (yet).
  • Configuration Manager
  • Designer
    • Tasks:
      • Which bacterial strains, vectors and genes are needed.
      • Are there multiple BioBricks which can be used in case that one does not work.
  • Facility Manager
    • TODO Configuration Management Plan, at least the section "Tools, Environment, and Infrastructure" and "Configuration Identification" where applicable (and anything else needed to establish some basic procedures/conventions for our lab work).
  • Implementer
    • Objective: Have started with preparation labwork.
    • Tasks:
      • What equipment is needed, communicate this with the facility manager.
      • Order BioBrick restiction enzymes / ligases (fast-digest, Fermentas).
      • Which chemicals / media are needed and can we use them from the MolGen department. Start ordering chemicals/media.
      • Work out a cloning strategy, to check feasibility.
      • Try to make a plan with project parts which can be done simultaneously.


[Resources needed for the iteration — material, human, financial, and so on.]

Use Cases

[List the use cases and scenarios that are being developed for this iteration.]

Evaluation Criteria

[Functionality, performance, capacity, quality measures, quality goals, and so forth.]