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End date: 2009-06-30

Overall objective: The initial design should be made, the requirements refined. Some initial model prototypes should be made to gain experience in modelling.

Tasks per role:


  • Establish which day the meeting with team TUDelft and Amsterdam can be held
  • The idea is to have two meetings, one at the beginning of summer and one near the end (possibly in September)
  • The meetings will take place at the University of one of the teams participating and will possibly move to the city center to end with something to eat at a restaurant
  • The first meeting is meant to get to know one another, the projects with background information and helping with encountered problems (help in getting DNA, solutions to obstacles, etc.)
  • The second meeting is more oriented with respect to preparing for the Jamboree, in getting to practice presentations and receive feedback
  • And last, but not least, to have a great day and get to see the other University from a different angle
  • Establish contact with Newcastle University for possible collaboration on related project
  • Keep scanning the iGEM wikis for related projects
  • Check for correct lab insurance
  • Make a detailed plan of action on media to contect


[Resources needed for the iteration — material, human, financial, and so on.]

Use Cases

[List the use cases and scenarios that are being developed for this iteration.]

Evaluation Criteria

[Functionality, performance, capacity, quality measures, quality goals, and so forth.]