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We would like to say a huge thank you to the followings for their warm support to our team:

  • Lee Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong ; Faculty of Science, University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Baptist University for making our trip to MIT possible!
  • Everyone in the Department of Biochemistry, University of Hong Kong for providing lab spaces to us and tolerate our excess noise when performing labs!
  • Bio-rad and Invitrogen for their generous financial support towards our research expenses.
  • Genestimes Technology for providing gifts to our Human Practices group.
  • Delta Airline for their sponsor on our air tickets.
  • Many postgraduates who had suffocated by our numerous questions and requests.
  • Everyone who devoted their whole summer to this project (It’s hard, you know)!
  • All the people who have helped us in any way throughout the past few months.
  • Everybody we missed above.

Finally, a massive thank you must be said to our supervisors, Dr. JD Huang, Dr. JJ Wang, Dr. YQ Song and Prof. LH Tang for their patients, helps and many efforts they have offered during the past few months.