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Special thanks to these individuals and labs for their generous donation of useful reagents and valuable discussions:

Thanks to Professor Sarah Matthews for helpful discussions on the special handling and characteristics of phytochrome enzymes.

Thanks to Dr. Eberhard Schaefer for usful information regarding the D153 PhyA-DBD fusion vector and Dr. Andreas Hiltbrunner and doctorol candidate Anja Possart for providing said vector.

Thanks to Dr. Bruce R. Branchini for providing the pGEX-6P-2 plasmids encoding the green and red luciferase mutants.

Thanks to the members of the Murray Lab; Lori, Natalie and Derek, for useful yeast strains and reagents.

Thanks to Tehyen Chu from the Kunes Lab, for useful yeast strains and vectors.

Thanks to Dr. Jim Haber for the Gal inducible HO-endonuclease expessing yeast integrating plasmid and helpful suggestions concerning its use.

Thanks to the Elledge lab for useful yeast strains. Thanks to Drs. Robert Stearman, Andrew Dancis and Richard D. Klauser for the YIpDCE1 yeast dual expression plasmid.

A big thanks to our sponsors:
Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

...and thanks to everyone else who provided tons of advice along the way!





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