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Your abstract One of the major objectives of synthetic biology is to unveil the inherent design principles prevailing in biological circuits. Multiple feedback loops (having both positive and negative regulation) are highly prevalent in the biological systems like MAPK signaling, cell cycle control, Insulin signaling pathway. However, such multiple feedback systems are uncommon in engineered systems. The relevance of such a design in biological systems is unclear. Our team will use synthetic biology approaches to answer these questions. Our team comprises of 9 undergraduates, 3 graduate students as student mentor and two faculty mentors, one each from biology and engineering background.

The project specifically deals with the analysis of effect of single and multiple feedback loops on gene expression. This project will involve theoretical and experimental studies. Our model organism is E.coli. We have designed synthetic constructs to mimic multiple feedbacks. The focus of our experimental work will be to visualize the effect of multiple feedback loops on the synthetic construct using single cell analysis. The experimental work will provide us with parameters for the theoretical study including dynamic and stochastic analysis. The project will provide insights into the roles of multiple feedback loops in biological systems.

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