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Indian Institute of Technology,Madras

IIT Madras


Intermediates and proposed constructs for the the 2 plasmid locking system

Original design

In this design, each of the construct has its own antibiotic resistance marker (independent of the plasmid backbone marker).

Plasmid 1


Plasmid 2


Final design

We decided to remove the extra antibiotic markers from the inserts. Then it looks like this

Plasmid 1

We had more than one way to build plasmid 1

Path 1


Path 1


Plasmid 2


Intermediates and proposed constructs for the the 3 plasmid locking system

We have designed the constructs for the 3 plasmid system, but we haven't planned to build it yet. Some of the parts built for the 2 plasmid system could be reused for the 3 plasmid system too.

Intermediates planned through PCR protocol

These parts are essentially same as the those that occur in the construction strategies that are shown above.