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Indian Institute of Technology,Madras

IIT Madras

Abdul Majeed

I am currently in my fourth year, pursuing a dual degree in Bioengineering at IIT Madras. I did my schooling at Dubai and then came to India for professional studies. Well, my research interests include Systems Biology and Biochemical engineering. But since the past 8 months while working for iGEM 2009, I developed a passion for Synthetic Biology. My past research experience include working for Dr.Reed's group on Constrain based network analysis of sugar fermentation in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae at University of Wisconsin, Madison(Summer 2009) and an Industrial experience at Dr. Reddys Laboratory(Summer 2008). I enjoy playing and watching soccer. I aim high in life and try to keep up to my set standards. See you guys at the Jamboree!
Click here for my webpage.
Ajit Kamath

I am from Mumbai, India. I love playing with cells and making them do our bidding. Apart from synthetic biology, I am also interested in Developmental Immunology. I was in Bonn, Germany for the last summer studying Eosinophil activation and development in mice.

I shall finish my Masters from IIT Madras in 2011. Apart from playing with cells, I like playing with computers. Some of my hobbies include cooking, reading, writing blogs and music.

My Biggest and Dearest Hobby: Cracking the vaguest of Jokes. Ask my Team mates for confirmation. ;)

To hear some of them buzz me at

Arun Murali

Hello World. Currently in my fourth year in the Department of Biotechnology, I am primarily interested in Molecular Biology. As for my research experience, I was in Germany this summer working on certain cell death pathways and interaction studies between proteins involved in the pathways.
Coming to my hobbies and other eccentricities, I play Football and Table Tennis, participate in a range of Literary activities (quizzes, Creative writing, Dramatics, word games etc), and also listen to most kinds of music, though I prefer alternative metal. I also have a vague fascination with the number 19. Oh and the Flying Spaghetti Monster…. His Noodliness Rocks!
P.S. Chuck Norris has ATP, only for him it is Adenosine Tetra Phosphate! (One of those lab nights where we were waiting for a gel to run, right Srivats?)
Bhavya B

Hi! Iam currently in fourth year, pursuing a Dual Degree from the Dept of Biotechnology, IIT Madras.I had a great time working for iGEM 2009. It helped me in gaining knowledge about synthetic biology,which adds the spirit of engineering to biology.Working in labs was never more fun and I am gonna miss all the lab hours and the night outs!
As for my research experience, I spent this summer(May-July 2009) working as an intern in BIOCON (India) in the cell culture lab where i studied the amino acid consumption patterns of mammalian (CHO) cells.
Academics aside, i love music, dancing, spending lazy days with food and fictions, trying my hand at cooking and most of all shopping!!Looking forward to see you all at the Jamboree!

Namaste everyone, This is Harsh a.k.a takla, yogi, bokka etc. I dont like boasting about myself, because i am so intelligent and smart that I don't need to talk about it ;) Just kidding, but seriously ;) ;)
I feel lucky to be in the iGEM'09 team of IITMadras, firstly because its an awsome team, and secondly, some of the best moments of my college life revolve around iGEM.
My research interests include Developmental Biology, Immunology and Neurobiology. I have worked on 2 summer projects, one on "Developing DNA microarray test for identifying HIV-1 subtypes" and the other one was on " Role of Hesr-1 and Hesr2 genes in Mouse Myocardium". My other hobbies include cooking, making friends, DANCING, reading novels etc. Besides my acads, I am exploring spirituality, though its just a start now.

Email: I am available at
Pawan Kumar

Hello Everyone. I am presently in 4th year of my Dual Degree Program at Dept. of Biotechnology,IIT Madras. I am interested in Computational Biology, as mathematics is what I like. My recently concluded work is "Analysis of navigation of honey bee on the basis of Levy flight, under the guidance of Dr. Dr. h.c.Randolf Menzel, Freie University, Berlin. While working for iGEM I realized Mol Bio is not my cup of tea.
I also have keen interest in Economics, History and Political Science. I am hard core fan of Cricket and this is the only sports which I play. I love cooking, traveling, writing poems (ob! Hindi),old Hindi melodies.
Rama Krishna

Hello, hmmmmmmmm.
Currently in fourth year, I am, pursuing a B.Tech in Biotechnology at IIT Madras. Herh herh herh.
Being an undergraduate, all the time in the world to pursue my hobbies like a profession, I have, which include synthetic biology, photography (shooting the skies, I like and making time-lapse movies, I love), cycling, trekking and trying to understand evolution and its implications.
Being an undergraduate, I am poor enough to not have a lab of my own to make cells do some really crazy stuff I would like them do, to not have an Olympus E3 with some really awesome f/1.4 super tele-lens, to not have a Trek 5900 and to not have some pro camping gear.
Having not wasted any summers of my undergraduate life, I have managed to build a cool vertical take-off and landing vehicle, simulate how HIV-1 protease moves around in a solution (Bangalore is a lovely place to be in during summers) and program cells to behave like a clock with a customized period (oh! I also happened to be New York that summer and I just can't live without spicy Indian food. The lab i worked in made a tic-tac-toe playing machine with RNA molecules! how cool is that?). I am pretty much hooked up with making cells do some crazy stuff, mostly fancy, which people would like to use it elsewhere.
Click here for my webpage.
Srivats V

Greetings, synthetic biologists and Stumblers alike. I am currently in my fourth year, pursuing a dual degree in Biotechnology at IIT Madras. I am primarily a molecular biologist and have previously worked on The mechanisms of Puf5p mediated translational repression in S. cerevisiae and a sequence/structure analysis of Puf5 binding to the HO mRNA 3’ UTR in Dr. Wickens' lab at the University of Wisconsin, Madison(Summer 2009).

That apart, I am an avid quizzer, fan of Queen, Star Wars, and His Noodliness, the Flying Spaghetti Monster. My ambition in life is to one day have an Erdős–Bacon number of under 6, and I am one of those who sincerely believe that the answer to Life, the Universe and everything is 42! See you at the Jamboree. Bring a towel.
Swathi Ayloo

Hi! I am a final year undergrad student interested in Molecular and Cell Biology. My summer project this year at the Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Tony and Joe's labs made Biophysics and Systems Biology my new found interests which I am all set to pursue through graduate studies. It has been a great experience working as a team for iGEM 2009. Though I took some time in the beginning to get the hang of synthetic biology and how networks work, it was a complete learning experience and more importantly lot of fun.
If I am not busy with science, you'll find me playing around with Python (something which I began recently), listening to Beatles, reading books, look around to grab some coffee or just having fun. All set to meet you guys at the Jamboree!



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