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As summer proyect our experimental work began at 07 - july - 2009 using 2008 bioparts catalog, unfurtunly it dosen’t work properly, we had to much troubles to take out DNA and transform, E. Coli for this we had to delay and request 2009 catalog.

Our proyect uses 29 bioparts, 12 ligations and diferent strategys to make it functional as follow:

Month-icon.png June

Month-icon.png July


We digest the follow biobriks with ECORI (E), SPEI (S), and XBAI (X).

Biobrick Enzime restriction
R0079 E, S
F1610 E, X
B0034 E, S
C0078 E, X
C0079 E, X
B0015 E, X

Month-icon.png August

Month-icon.png September

Month-icon.png October

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