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The Illinois - Tools team can model any pathway, whose starting and ending compounds are stored in the Kegg database. The algorithm developed by the team takes information from the Kegg database and finds the most optimum pathway, based on the weights selected by the user. Examples include the pathway with the least number of steps, or the pathway that uses the least amount of ATP.

The Illinois-Tools team also wishes to use this algorithm to help other IGEM teams in modeling their own desired pathways. For example, the team from Amsterdam worked on creating more healthy foods. They looked for organisms that could ferment crops like rice and soy and produce vitamins, in order to add nutrients to the food that would eventually be consumed by people.

Here is a link to their wiki:

In order to help this team test their organism, the Illinois-Tools team could run a simulation using its algorithm and find the most optimum pathways to get from the starch / sugar starting compounds to vitamins. The program will provide pathways in several different organisms, based on the different weights selected.

The Algorithm