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This page will include periodic entries during our research. We will be documenting the progression of our project, any problems or obstacles encountered, and solutions to problems.

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Post-Summer Progress

This section includes entries for lab work done after the summer was over.

September 24

PCRed all target sequences w/ BB sRNAs w/ no results

September 25

PCRed sRNA genes (MicC, MicA, MicF) and their respective target sequences (OmpC, OmpA, OmpF). The gel was run with the Vogel primers as a control since the previous attempt to PCR Biobricks failed.

Also PCRed plasmid pSB1A2. Used 56°C for annealing temperature instead of 58°C and got better results.

Also restreaked plates of E. coli containing plasmid PJU-334 and Biobricks BBa_K091101, BBa_I0500, and BBa_R0040.

September 26

PCRed sRNA target sequences OmpC, OmpA, OmpF, FtsZ, PtsG, GalK,. For PCRs, used

  • 4 μL chromosomal template
  • 0.4 μL of each primer
  • 5 μL 10x buffer
  • 0.8 μL Pfu polymerase
  • 1 μL dNTP mix
  • 38.4 μL dH2O

Also digested OmpC, OmpA, and OmpF target sequences from yesterday's PCR using

  • 1 μL EcoRI-HF (20,000 U/mL)
  • 3.5 μL 10x Buffer 4
  • 30 μL DNA
  • 0.35 μL BSA
  • 0.15 μL dH2O

Also cultured cells containing plasmid PJU-334 and Biobricks BBa_K091101, BBa_I0500, and BBa_R0040 overnight.

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