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Meet the Team

Welcome to the 2009 Illinois iGEM Team page! This is our second year in the iGEM competition, so we are stepping it up this summer! Our team members come from a wide variety of majors, ranging from biology to engineering. This diversity gives us a definitive edge and allows us to tackle problems from various angles.

Lab Supervisor

Courtney Evans



Position Name Email
Director Graham Heimberg
Science Director Philip Bell
Secretary Steven Waltersdorf
Treasurer Sonam Tanna
Corporate Director Davel Patel
Corporate Director Harsh Shah
Social Chair Lucy McCommas
Webmaster Dave Korenchan
Francis Lee
Heather August
David Reif
Joleen Su
Meagan Musselman
Van Ceu


Ill09pic3.jpg    Ill09pic1.jpg

Ill09pic2.jpg    Ill09pic9.jpg

Ill09pic6.jpg    Ill09pic4.jpg

Ill09pic7.jpg    Ill09pic10.jpg

Ill09pic8.jpg    Ill09pic5.jpg

Fun Things

Questions about our Wiki page? Please email us at