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  • Jef Boeke: Jef Boeke
  • Eric Cooper: Eric Cooper
  • Sarah Richardson: I'm a fifth year graduate student of Human Genetics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and a DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellow.My advisor is Dr. Joel Bader and he is wondering where my thesis is.


  • Pablo Lee : Pablo Lee
  • Wei Rose Xie: Wei Rose Xie
  • James DiCarlo : James DiCarlo
  • Zheyuan Guo: Zheyuan Guo
  • Christopher Von Dollen: I am a senior majoring in Chemical and Bimolecular engineering and am an Army ROTC cadet. I have participated in JHU's Build-a-Genome and BAG Mentor course for two semesters.
  • Ingrid Spielman: Ingrid Spielman