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  • Jef Boeke: A Professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine who studies yeast genetics and other things. He started the Synthetic Yeast Genome Project with two colleagues, Joel Bader and Srinivasan Chandrasegaran, and the help of dozens of undergraduates.
  • Eric Cooper: Eric Cooper
  • Sarah Richardson: I'm a fifth year graduate student of Human Genetics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and a DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellow.My advisor is Dr. Joel Bader and he is wondering where my thesis is.


  • Pablo Lee : Pablo Lee
  • Wei Rose Xie: Wei Rose Xie
  • James DiCarlo : Hello! My name is James DiCarlo and I am a senior Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering major at JHU. I love synthetic biology and this is my second time competing at the iGEM Jamboree! My other main nerdy interests include, but are not limited to: horticulture, genome evolution, artificial photosynthesis and running! Exclamation points!
  • Zheyuan Guo: Iā€™m an undergraduate researcher at the Boeke Lab who helped implement the Ligation Chain Reaction into the Build-A-Genome course.
  • Christopher Von Dollen: I am a senior majoring in Chemical and Bimolecular engineering and am an Army ROTC cadet. I have participated in JHU's Build-a-Genome and BAG Mentor course for two semesters.
  • Ingrid Spielman: I'm a Senior Material Science and Engineering Student. I participated in iGEM2008 and this year I'm helping out with the wiki. Also, I enjoy collecting insects and I think that multidisciplinary sciences is the way to go.