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E. coli Transcription rates

Using the test data on constitutive promotors on the parts registry, we estimated the transcription rate of these promotors. The transcription rate of was estimated from the data in reference [1]. The transcription rates of the other constitutive promotors were scaled according to the table in the parts registry.

Transcription rate.png

[1] M. Bon, S.J. McGowan, and P.R. Cook, “Many expressed genes in bacteria and yeast are transcribed only once per cell cycle,” FASEB J., vol. 20, Aug. 2006, pp. 1721-1723.

E. coli Translation rates

Last year they estimated the translation rate for . Some other translation rates were scaled according to the table in the parts registry assuming the relation is linear.

Translation rate.png

[2] "KULeuven Kinetic Constants iGEM2008"

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