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The team members are undergraduates, advised by Ph.D. students, postdoctoral researchers and faculty members.

The competition raised a great deal of interest and a balanced number of engineers and life-scientists were selected. Each team member spends his/her summer holiday working on the project.

The project was housed at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering which provided a space for experiments, access to computers and appropriate equipment.


Inge Thijs (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering)

Sigrid De Keersmaecker (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering)

David De Coster (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering)

Jonas Demeulemeester (iGEM 2008, Faculty of Science/Medicine)

Hanne Tytgat (iGEM 2008, Faculty of Science)

Dries Vercruysse (iGEM 2008, Faculty of Engineering)

Maarten Breckpot (iGEM 2008, Faculty of Engineering)


Astrid Cappuyns (Faculty of Engineering)

John Creemers (Biomedical Sciences Group)

Bart De Moor (Faculty of Engineering)

Kristof Engelen (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering)

Annemie Geeraerd (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering)

Murali Jayapala (IMEC)

Kathleen Marchal (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering)

Yves Moreau (Faculty of Engineering)

Johan Robben (Faculty of Science)

Sofie Saerens (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering)

Lyn Venken (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering)

Joris Winderickx (Faculty of Science)